Why Choose VR?

If you want to take your 360 video project a step further by giving control to the audience, VR (Virtual Reality) is for your business. When it comes to experiential marketing, you want to stay ahead of the trends. VR enables users to have an interactive experience making your brand memorable.

But what’s the difference between 360 Video and VR?

While you often hear the terms 360 and VR used interchangeably, 360 video and VR are actually different experiences. Although 360 video can be viewed on a VR headset this format only allows the user to look whichever direction they wish. However VR offers a more holistic experience. With VR you’re able to teleport or walk around inside a video or 3D animated space and use controllers to interact with different situations within the VR experience. VR often requires additional equipment such as a gaming computer and a VR headset with controllers. 360 videos can be viewed on multiple devices such as desktop computers, mobile devices and VR headsets.

Virtual Reality 1
Virtual Reality 3
Virtual Reality 2

VR Categories

360 Video storytelling in a VR headset

Our 360 videos can integrate into a VR headset and create an immersive 360 viewing experience as if you are there.

360 video implemented into a VR interactive environment

Take your 360 videos to the next level with an interactive environment built inside a 360 video world. We can combine 360 video and different interactive experiences inside an environment Using a VR headset paired with controllers you can click different features, teleport, and interact with various videos.

VR video games

There are a number of different ways to implement VR video games into your marketing strategy and help engage your clients and employees. VR video games can be used for trade show events giving attendees a fun experience or educational ways of teaching employees about your company and the processes that take place within it. Yes, you can play video games at work!

Applications for 360 video and VR

  • Commercial
  • Events, trade shows
  • Interactive
  • Corporate
  • Training

Tools to showcase your VR experience

  • Social Media, Youtube, Vimeo, Etc.
  • VR Boxes – Here at Frodiga we developed a one stop shop for your delivery needs of the final 360/VR video. The VR Travel Case. A fully custom laser cut carry on size hard case with wheels. The case emcompases a VR ready laptop, VR goggles, custom logos, and a tripod. Giving you everything you need to showcase your finished product.
  • Oculus Go
VR Box Frodiga

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