Video Production

Why Video?

This day and age people are immersed with technology and its important to be imbedded yourself in the digital wave. Video is a very important asset to any company or brand. With video you are able to showcase your vision creatively.

At Frodiga we bring an avant – garde approach to video production. The media industry is consistently in flux and it is important to stand out from the rest. With our new wave techniques we can achieve results that lead the way.


Video Production Process

We work with budgets from small to large. We don’t rule out ideas you want to achieve and can work within your budget restrictions.

Pre Production

Working closely with clients is something we pride ourselves on at Frodiga. We bring your objectives, goals, and vision to reality with the creation of scripts and storyboards to portray your ideas visually. Before we reach the production process you can rest assured your vision is thoughtfully interpreted.


With years of experience in the industry we arrive on set with a knowledgeable crew. Our set of skills is swiss army knife esque. No matter the task we can accomplish it. Most productions will have a minimum crew of 3 or more to evenly spread out objectives. This way each crew member can focus on the task at hand. We run a streamlined production process to deliver noteworthy media content.

Post Production  

Post in video production(editing, color, sound, SFX, VFX) is one of the most detailed processes. Our sleek approach makes changes or edits easy. Notes are not lost in translation. At Frodiga it’s important to us that you are satisfied with the final product.

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