Video Production

Why Video?

This day and age people are immersed with technology and it’s important to be competitive in the digital market. We produce a high quality product with our streamlined production process that ensures efficiency in cost savings and timeline.


Video Production Process

Pre Production

We partner with our clients to convey their vision in a creative medium. Using clear communication we develop a strategy that supports your vision and plan videos around your end goal. Our scripts and storyboards will illustrate your traditional video, 360 video, or VR experience. You can rest assured that we strive for excellence and innovation in the work we deliver.


With a full schedule built out, we are able to be time sensitive with the shoot and take responsibility for securing locations, actors and crews. Most productions will have a minimum crew of 3 or more. This way each crew member can focus on specific objectives to ensure a smooth and successful production.

Post Production

Post production in video production (editing, color, sound, SFX, VFX) is a very detailed process. We have a system that makes changes and edits easy. At Frodiga it’s important to us that we deliver significant value to our clients.

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