Drone/Aerial Solutions

Using Drones in video production

Drones or UAV/UAS give a unique perspective when incorporated into video production. Drones allow for low altitude aerial angles and can help boost the production value of your video. Filming industrial solutions(Oil and Gas, Mining, etc.), car commercials, sports, landscapes are great for drone filmmaking.

Here at frodiga our pilot is licensed by the FAA for commercial drone flights. With the knowledge learned to obtain this license it allows us to conduct safer and more effective drone flights.

Our heavy lifting drone is capable of lifting 15lbs meaning we can carry heavy payloads under safe circumstances, while maintaining a reasonable flight time. From a small 4k camera to a hollywood grade 8k camera like a Red, Arri, etc. we can fly it.

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Use of drones with 360 video and virtual reality

A 360 video or virtual reality experience incorporating drone angles offers a perspective like none other. 360/VR gives you a life size context on the image in front of you. So imagine being immersed in an experience and flying over the scene or hovering. This allows you to showcase your product, company, scene, etc. with a innovative approach.

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