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360 Video Production

  • Engage your audience to interact with your brand in a new way
  • Mesmerize your audience with an immersive experience

What are 360 videos?

360 Videos have shown higher engagement and interaction in comparison to the standard format.

“Google recently carried out a side-by-side trial 360 video ad and a standard format video as well as full-length versions. There was a 46% higher view count of the full-length 360 video than on the standard full-length version. People who viewed the 360 video were more likely to share it copying the URL into messaging apps. As a result, the 360 ad was more cost-efficient as its cost-per-view was lower when organic and paid views were added together.”

– Via Hootsuite

Our 360 Videos are created using high end technology and deliver results and help you stand out from your competitors.

Frodiga makes it simple and fun to create 360 videos for your business. With expertise in immersive media, we are able to produce a high quality creative video with exceptional audio.


Pre Production

  • We work closely with our clients to develop the right strategy and concept. With your business objective, we plan the video around your end goal. We create scripts and storyboards to illustrate your 360 video experience.


  • Our productions are well thought-out by envisioning your audience’s interests to create an engaging experience. With a full schedule built out, we are able to shoot fast, efficiently, and take care of locations and actors.
  • With a full schedule built out we are able to execute an efficient and productive shoot. We have capabilities to direct multiple camera productions and capture audio in a spatial environment

Post Production

  • An important step is the video stitching. We use an advanced software to stitch together our multi-camera angles that allow us to create an immersive world in 8K resolution paired with spatial audio. We streamline the process to deliver in an effective manner.
  • A streamlined production process allows us to navigate the post production process in a effective manner. We create post productions schedule that work with your schedule to deliver edits on a timely manner.

Applications for 360 video and VR

  • Commercial
  • Events, trade shows
  • Interactive
  • Corporate
  • Training


  • Social Media, Youtube, Vimeo, Etc.
  • VR Boxes – Here at Frodiga we developed a one stop shop for your delivery needs of the final 360/VR video. The VR Travel Case. A fully custom laser cut carry on size hard case with wheels. The case emcompases a VR ready laptop, VR goggles, custom logos, and a tripod. Giving you everything you need to showcase your finished product.
  • Oculus Go
VR Box Frodiga

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