January 4, 2018 frodiga1

3 Reasons Why You Need A Video For Your Startup

#1 Brand Identity

Video is a powerful tool to have on your tool belt. It is a great way to translate a message, especially telling the story of who you are as a brand and company. Anything from an animated explainer video to a in depth production showcasing your whole team can really boost brand trust and show the public who you are as a company.

#2 Social media and impressions

In this day and age the public is spending more and more time on the internet and views on videos are rapidly increasing throughout the web. With video you can engage people more than just a picture or status update. Below is a recent production we did for a client here at Frodiga. Within a few days of posting the video it reached over 9k views, 145 likes, and 181 shares, all organically! Social media is a great way to showcase the videos about your company or product.

#3 Search engines love video

Video is engaging and having a video on your website attracts visitors to spend more time on your site and lets search engines know that you have quality content on your website, which boosts your SEO.

Having a site with powerful SEO will give you better chances at being discovered on a Google search for your business field.

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